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The "Skinny" on Aqua Fitness


Simply put, aquafit exercise is a total body workout.

You are working your heart through cardio movements and strengthening your muscles with each move. It's like being in the weight room at the same time you are doing an aerobic class, all while going for a run. At the end of each Aquafit class you are regenerated but don't feel exhausted - yet you have done as much and in some cases more than you would have in multiple land sessions without the pain.

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Here are some of the benefits of getting off your feet and in the water:

In The Water On Land
Minimal to low impact High impact may cause jarring of the joints
Falling is not an issue when trying new techniques Limited to movement because of the risk of falling
Heart can work more efficiently without working as hard Heart has to work harder to keep up with body requirements
Moves help injuries Moves can potentially cause injuries
All movements work the total body Movements are specific to certain parts of the body
Movements are concentric and eccentric Movements are concentric and gravity lowers the limbs
Deep water allows for decompression of the spine Land exercise causes compression on the spine
We only weigh 10% of our body weight in water allowing for free movement Depending on body weight individuals may be restricted to movements
In the water you are constantly being cooled down On land you are warm and sweaty


These are only some of the benefits training in the water has on our body! Anyone looking to save themselves or recover from injury should look to add Aqua Fitness to their regimen. 

For more information on how to use the water for prerehab,post rehab and sports specific training please check out our class description list or contact Meghan ORC Aquatics Director.

Meghan McDonnell