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Weighing In on Weight Management


Whether you are attempting to lose or gain, weighing yourself on a scale can become quite addictive - a trend that for most people, is very unhealthy.

Aside from professional athletes, most of us want to control our weight simply so we can feel better. For some of us, that might mean losing a few pounds so our joints don't ache. For others, that might mean gaining weight to have more energy throughout the day. Either way, the most important aspects of this process are to discover an enjoyable way to achieve your goals and to be in tune with how you feel.

In a world where nearly everything you want is at your fingertips, patience can be tough. We know what we want, and we want it now! However, losing or gaining weight can be a very lengthy process because there are always going to be setbacks and unforeseen obstacles to overcome. How awesome would it be to step on a scale after one day of eating well and exercising, and seeing results immediately? Unfortunately, it can take quite some time for the scale to reflect all the hard work that you've put in.

However, I would like to point out the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Different individuals at the same weight can often look very different. This is because they most likely have different body-fat percentages (the amount of bodyweight that is comprised of fat).

With strength training and appropriate nutrition, you can lower bodyfat and gain muscle mass. Therefore, you will have less fat and more muscle, but you may not lose a lot of weight. Your body will begin to change, clothing will fit differently and you will feel stronger. Before the scale even begins to change, you will feel better and have greater confidence. So, don't be discouraged if the scale does not display a number you are happy with - because there is still an incredibly positive change taking place. The weight loss or weight gain will eventually come, but you must be patient.

That's why you must choose activities and eating habits that are sustainable (and enjoyable) for you. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, you won't be consistent and you'll delay any results. You should feel challenged by what you are doing rather than suffer from it. After you determine what feels good and works for you, then you can comfortably enjoy the long but fruitful process.

If you are going to step on a scale regularly, you will want to be consistent and logical. Using different scales and weighing yourself at different times can yield varying results. So, try to weigh yourself on the same scale at roughly the same time of day every weigh-in. Weighing yourself on different scales in the same day, hoping that it will display a better weight, is deceptive and defeats the purpose. Is it more important that the scale reads a specific number, or that you achieved some results (and enjoyed it)?

Once again, it is a process that could take weeks, months or even years to achieve your goal. While it is important to track your progress to ensure you are heading in the right direction, do not get too caught up on the numbers but rather, focus on what you can do today to make a difference.



Ryan Mattucci