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Why You'll Feel Great With Reiki Therapy

Posted by Gloria Atkinson on April 20, 2017

People use Reiki to relax and strengthen their sense of wellbeing. Reiki's great for reducing pain, anxiety, and fatigue; it helps manage symptoms; it can reduce the side effects of medications and support recovery after injuries or surgery.

According to a national survey published in 2007, 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children received one or more sessions of an energy therapy such as Reiki in the previous year.

Reiki is a good integrative therapy to try because people generally start feeling better very quickly. As anxiety and pain lessen, and people feel hopeful about regaining their health, they feel more able to incorporate other needed health interventions or make needed lifestyle changes. Reiki therapy often clears the mind, enabling patients to better evaluate the sometimes conflicting medical information being offered by various specialists, so they can make important treatment decisions with greater confidence. In this way, Reiki can help people become more actively involved in their own health.

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The "Skinny" on Aqua Fitness

Posted by Meghan McDonnell on April 18, 2017

Simply put, aquafit exercise is a total body workout.

You are working your heart through cardio movements and strengthening your muscles with each move. It's like being in the weight room at the same time you are doing an aerobic class, all while going for a run. At the end of each Aquafit class you are regenerated but don't feel exhausted - yet you have done as much and in some cases more than you would have in multiple land sessions without the pain.

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Posted by Gloria Atkinson on April 13, 2017

Sitting is the new smoking Every heard “Sitting is the new smoking”? Kind of makes you want to stop and read more doesn’t it?

But hey - you’re fit right? You go to the gym regularly and work hard for your 45 minutes or hour while you are there. What do you do for the rest of your day?

Canadians spend about 10 hours every day sitting.

That’s about 70% of our day being sedentary. Is our hour at the gym enough to make up for all those hours on our behinds? Research has shown that it is not only necessary for us to be physically active (at least 150 minutes a week) but it is also important to limit the number of waking hours spent in a sedentary state, translation; sitting.

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Recharge After Exercise - Just not with Chocolate Milk!

Posted by Christine Hanlan on April 11, 2017

Statistics provided by the Dairy Farmers of Canada show that 63% of males reported drinking chocolate milk to recover after a workout in June 2011 compared to 23% in November 2008 (Globe and Mail, July 2, 2012). Why the jump?

In 2008, an advertising campaign was launched by the Dairy Farmers of Canada positioning chocolate milk as the perfect post-workout drink. It has carbs, protein, fluids and electrolytes to help the body recover after intense exercise. But take note, even on the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s “Recharge with Milk” website it is stated that if you work out at a high intensity for prolonged periods every day then chocolate milk is for you. And those more casual exercisers may not need the additional carbs.

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Five Biggest Reasons to Sign Up Your Kids for Summer Camp

Posted by Jeff McCarrol on April 6, 2017

Around this time every year, summer brings to mind warm weather, BBQ’s and swimming. For most parents of young kids, it can be a stressful time as they try to find the solution to an age old question “what can we do to keep the kids busy and having fun at the same time?”

Fear not, as the answer for many parents provides numerous benefits for the kids - “summer camps”. In fact, with the fast paced life style of dual working parents, camp participation has grown at an incredible pace. Rightly so, as the life skills and benefits cultivated in early years help the overall growth and development throughout all relationship of school, work and personal life.
According to Thomas Glover (director of the University of Waterloo’s Healthy Communities Research Network) and his recently published nationwide study on the effects of camp on kids titled The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, the positive effects were dramatic. Glover observes how summer camps, “foster emotional intelligence (or EQ), self-confidence, independence, healthy active lifestyle, environmental awareness, leadership and other skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood”.

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Getting Beach Body Ready

Posted by Nicole Crewe on April 4, 2017

Are you beach body ready? What does that even mean? Do you look like a swim suit model? Are you ripped? I don't know about you, but to me "beach body ready" means simply being confident in my bathing suit in front of other people.

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Gym vs Health Club: Which is Right for You?

Posted by Paul Morrell, CCM on March 30, 2017

In this day and age, the Fitness Fanatics and Weekend Warriors have many different avenues to look at when it comes to personal development or health and wellness. Boutique studios, large corporate gyms and public gyms often provide adequate facilities to train and workout but often little else. The culture is a "means to and end" mentality when getting in and out as quickly as possible is the goal. For many people, this meets their needs and is just fine for their lifestyle.

Private Clubs, on the other hand, offer something gyms often overlook, a sense of community. Private Clubs are about the characters and personalities which make up a community and rely on long term relationships to sustain growth. A second home or family atmosphere is encouraged; pride is taken in their various social opportunities.

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Hey Ontario, You Should Be Playing Squash!

Posted by Allan Cook on March 28, 2017

I have been involved with squash for over 30 years now, first as an player - now a coach. I've been heavily involved with the sport all across Canada, and am now running the Squash Academy here at the Ontario Racquet Club. 

Squash is a wonderful game that combines speed, fitness, and mental fortitude. If you are interested in a new workout and don’t have a lot of time - Squash may be an option for you. 

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Why You Need a Meal Plan

Posted by Christine Hanlan on March 23, 2017

Many of us know what we should be doing with our nutrition to improve our health and our energy, yet we often find ourselves frustrated, repeating habits that we’d like to break.

The key is to have a plan. 

Sounds simple, I know, but when life is busy we often fly by the seat of our pants, especially when it comes to nutrition. It can be easier to just grab whatever is around, but unfortunately this often does not give us the results we want.

Introduce the Meal Plan!  A meal plan can be for one day, three days, or even a week or more.  It depends on how often you grocery shop.  If you can shop day-to-day then creating a Meal Plan the day before makes sense, shopping the next day for meals.  Or it may work better for you to plan the week out on the week-end and do all of your shopping then.  No matter what you decide to do here are some tips on creating a Meal Plan to help you reach your health goals.

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Five Things to Look For in a Great Personal Trainer

Posted by Nicole Crewe on March 21, 2017

Shopping around for a personal trainer is no easy task. Not only will this fitness professional be helping you with your physical issues or exercise needs, but this person can also have a profound impact on your spiritual and mental well-being. Here are some tips to make the right choice.

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