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Button Down the Hatches: What to Wear at "Shipwrecked"


Ahoy there! 

One of the top three questions ORC gets leading up to a major event always has to do with wardrobe and dress code. What sort of event is this? Am I better off wearing a black skirt or blue jeans? A sport coat or a Raptors jersey?

This gets especially tricky for our big summer blow-outs, like our upcoming Shipwrecked event. Costumes are absolutely encouraged, but with only a broad theme to go on, it's easy to second-guess yourself. No one wants to show up in a shark costume only to realize everyone else is wearing casual yacht wear.

Image courtesy of kiwireport.comThe good news is that the summer party, more than any other, is open to interpretation. With literally hundreds of members attending, you won't look out-of-place in just about any on-theme attire. Still need some suggestions? Here are a few I'm sure you'll agree are worth their salt!

Movies & TV

Cribbing from pop culture is always a fun way to go. It gives you a clear look to emulate, is fun to put together leading up to the event, and makes for a great time as other party-goers try to guess who you are.

A classic sitcom with some great characters, Gilligan's Island is still a name that sparks recognition in boomers and millennials alike. Looking for something more recent? The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise is a great place to take inspiration from, with all sorts of pirate accessories easy to find at a costume shop, party store or even just Amazon.

The more you think about it, the more options open up to you. Remember Castaway with Tom Hanks? Maybe you're an avid watcher of Survivor, which is somehow going into its 39th season in September. 

History, Myth & Legend

We've already mentioned pirates, but expanding on this idea opens the door to all sorts of interesting costume ideas. A seafaring viking would be a fun way to celebrate, although it might be hard not to dance, eat and order drinks in-character. If you're not making sufficient use of your fish-scaled spandex pants, a Mermaid or Merman might be up your alley. If you're the type to enjoy coconut bikini tops (and who isn't), the Tiki look would make for a great costume.

Anyone really looking to go all-out could also focus on sea creatures. Shark costumes became pretty popular after Katy Perry included them in her 2015 Superbowl performance. Anyone who's passed by the reception desk in the past couple weeks might have noticed several tentacles rising from the floor; it can't be that hard to make your own octopus outfit. Even if it is, the extra effort will be worth it!

No Time? You Got This!

Even if you don't have a ton of time to put something together, it's still pretty easy to show up dressed on-theme. Pull some Hawaiian-style shirts from the back of your closet. Maybe find all that beach wear you bought last summer. For real commitment, some distressing or a few well-placed tears on your outfit can truly make you look shipwrecked. Add a few rags or bandannas around your wrists, arms, neck or head for even more effect. It's easy, once you give it some thought.

Regardless of how you're dressed, the important thing is that you attend this amazing party on Saturday June 22nd. With a great crowd, island drinks, awesome food and live music, Shipwrecked is not to be missed. Moreover, the playcentre is open for parents who need babysitting, and members are absolutely allowed to bring guests. Don't have tickets yet? What are you waiting for? Grab them today!

Bill Stepec