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What to Wear to ORC’s 80's Invasion Party


Wondering what to wear to ORC’s 80's Invasion party this June? We're here to help you!

Wearing a costume to this party adds to the fun and excitement of the night. The 80’s offered a wide variety of movies, musicians, characters, and fads which you can draw ideas from for totally rad DIY costumes. If you grew up in the decade, this will give you the perfect opportunity to relive your youth. When picking out an outfit, consider your personal style and have fun. When it comes to the 80’s, there’s no such thing as overdoing it.

Here are some tips on what to wear to 80's Invasion at ORC and the different options you have to create these types of looks.

The Workout Gear

The Workout Gear became a massive hit in the 80’s inspired by the trendy workout videotapes, and the hit song Let’s Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John. Bright neon leg warmers and leggings are a must-have to get this totally rad outfit. To get the full workout look, you can even add loose tops or cut out sports gloves.

The Music Diva - Madonna

Madonna is the most powerful female fashion icon when it comes to trendy 80’s fashion influence. Using Madonna’s videos you can gather inspiration for lace outfits, leather outfits, excessive jewelry, and heavy makeup. For the perfect 80’s Madonna hair, use a big cloth headband and keep your hair voluminous and wavy. For more Madonna outfit inspiration, you may also consider leggings and bustier type tops.

Hair Band Rocker

To pull off the hair band rocker look, anything acid washed, bleached will do the trick. Ripped jeans or black leather pants would be perfect. For shirts, anything tight with the sleeves ripped off or spandex tank tops would be idea. To finish the look, add a long-haired rock-star wig.


The preppy outfit can be easily achieved nowadays, as many "preppy" items are still fashionable today. For a more preppy party look, you can wear bright neon coloured polo shirts with the collar up and a sweater tied around the shoulders. For bottoms, a khaki skirt or khaki pants are statement pieces. As for shoes, white sneakers, flats, or Penny loafers will complete the preppy look. Any type of over the knee socks will look great with the shoes as well.


The bigger the hair, the more it will scream out totally rad 80’s vibes. If you look back at pictures from the 80's, it seems as if the women were in a competition to see who could have the biggest hair and the men with short hair had difficulty recreating the awe-inspiring hairstyles of the 80's.

Women’s Hairstyles include:

  • Long, curly hair with lots of volume and big bangs
  • Crimped hair
  • Banana clips
  • Side ponytails

Men’s Hairstyles include:

  • Mullets
  • Rat tails
  • Long, layered rocker hair
  • Feathered hair


For More inspirations for your totally rad 80’s outfits, check out the links below:

For those looking to purchase some great accessories and outfits check out local party and costume store Party City.

For men looking for perfect accessories and wigs to complete their rad outfits, check out local party and costume store Party City.

For those looking for inspiration for DIY 80's costume and outfits, check out 80’s themed Pinterest Boards. 

Hope to see everyone at ORC's 80's Invasion Summer Party on Saturday, June 16th at 7:00 pm! For more information about this awesome event, click here!

Nicole Bevan