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What is Tempeh?


Tempeh? What's that!?!

Great question! This is something I've been asked at least ten times since I’ve put the Grilled Tempeh & Lentil dish on the menu.

Tempeh is fermented, cooked soy-beans pressed together to make a patty. Anyone who wants to cut down on animal fats or otherwise enjoy a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle should get excited. Finally, something other than tofu! The subtle flavours can be transformed into bold and exciting possibilities.

For this dish, I took some of my favourite flavours from Mexico and composed a meal that would be light but filling. With such great taste and texture, this dish really highlights the appeal of vegan cuisine.

The health aspects aside, the flavor-forward approach has made this one of my all-time favourite items to both prepare and eat here at the ORC. You should come try it out!

Tempeh Dish

Daniel Majik
Daniel is ORC's Executive Chef, responsible for the delicious dishes you enjoy in the club restaurant.