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Tennis: A Great Sport for Kids


If you are still wondering if tennis is a good sport for kids, or how successful can they get at an early age - then wonder no more! There is a whole new system designed for them and it’s called “Kids Tennis”.

The idea itself is very simple. If other sports do not impose an adult learning curriculum on juniors, why should tennis? In other sports like baseball it’s the norm to use lighter balls, in soccer a smaller field, in basketball a shorter hoop - so why can’t we have the same approach in tennis? 

Young boy playing tennis at a clay court.jpeg

In kid’s tennis, sometimes called the progressive tennis system, the sport of tennis is introduced to the kids in a fun and interactive way which ensures great and immediate success for young kids ages 5 to 10 years. 

There are four modified elements in kid’s tennis: lighter balls, kid-friendly racquets, smaller courts and a unique scoring system.

These modifications allow young players to start rallying and learn the fundamentals of the sport right away. This also allows new players to compete at an early age using a simplified method of scoring.

According to Tennis Canada guidelines these modified elements have a great impact on the players’ development and will accelerate the child's development onto the full court.

The use of smaller courts will allow the players to be effective at all points on their side of the net, developing an "all court game", allowing them to use tactics that are similar to the adult game (like moving to the net).

Use of slower balls allow the players to receive and project the ball easier, which will develops better technique. It will also allow for longer rallies and more consistency. The use of lighter and shorter racquets allows for more racquet control and feel for the ball, plus will have a great impact on all the five ball controls, plus prevents future injuries. The modified scoring system encourages players to compete faster and develop mental skills - like learning to cope with basic competitive environments.

What about the benefits that kids get out of tennis in general?

Playing tennis will increase your child's hand-eye coordination, which is normally weak at a young age. Kids will be introduced to other children, learning how to socialize and work in a group environment. This will teach them responsibility and leadership. Once kids start playing matches they will develop problem solving skills. Playing matches will also improve your child's mental strength and teach them sportsmanship. Practicing on a regular basis will teach how to be responsible and the value of dedication.

Tennis is a sport for lifetime; teaching us a lot about life. We owe it to our children to share in these values and have fun!

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Rouba Boushnak