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Portion Your Way to Success


Maintaining portion sizes can be tricky to manage, as there are many obstacles we are faced with on a daily basis. Today we are addressing one issue many people have difficulty with: over-eating. Not to worry – I have a great suggestion to manage your cravings and prevent this common problem.

It’s natural to crave foods that we feel guilty about eating. Snacks such as chocolate, ice cream, candy and chips often exist somewhere in our kitchen cabinetry. Knowing these foods are available to us whenever we desire creates an everlasting temptation to indulge in some comfort food. Especially now that most of us are home more often, these cravings can be quite powerful.

When we decide it’s time for a snack, it tastes so good that it feels nearly impossible to stop yourself from overeating. The convenience of being able to continuously reach for another handful makes it difficult to cut yourself off before there is nothing left to reach for.

I’m not going to suggest that your throw away your junk food and never buy it again - but rather develop a system of dividing these foods into smaller portions. This is where Tupperware containers will come in handy. You can purchase a multitude of Tupperware containers that come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Once you have them, you can divide your foods into several portions. The next time you buy a big bag of chips, divide it into three or four different containers. It does not have to be perfectly equal amounts; you do not have to measure the food for each container. The objective is to organize your food in a manner that allows you to make better choices rather than carelessly eating away. Now when you decide it is time for a snack, you can reach for a single container rather than the entire bag.

This quick and easy strategy can be applied to any meal or snack to create multiple portions for you and your family. Portioning food is a vital component to effective meal preparation that is appropriate for any goal you might have.

If you have any questions, contact Barbara or Ryan of the Health and Wellness team.

Ryan Mattucci