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Learning from Home


Keeping the kids busy, learning and having fun; that’s the goal during this time of school closures and social distancing.

If I can get my kindergartner and fourth grader to have fun while learning, that's a win/win in my house. Besides, kids do better when there's structure and the opportunity to learn something new. They take comfort in routine and get a jolt to their self-esteem when they master a skill.

But how do we make it happen? As a kids physical educator, I've been consulting with parents and teachers, researching some of the best tools available to moms and dads for home-schooling. Here are some of my family's favourites.

Khana Academy |
A fantastic resource with an app for the primary grades. Really great for math and science.

Wow in the World | Podcast
Wow in the World podcast brings science and fun together. I love their daily challenges to engage the whole family. We listen to it for the kids, but I can honestly say I have learned from this podcast too.

Typing Club |
Using games to help with typing and spelling, Typing Club will win you over with it's upbeat, charming look. Plus, it's ridiculously easy to use.  

PBS Kids Video App |
A terrific tool for fun science learning. All the PBS programming is so imaginative and engaging for kids. Dinosaur Train is our favourite show right now.

Mystery Doug |
A go-to for both kids and teachers, Mystery Doug can't be beat when it comes to science. At the time of writing, they even have free science courses for JK to Grade 5 for parents preparing for school closures.

National Geographic Kids |
National Geographic does a great job at keeping our kids connected to this beautiful Earth - especially important while we're all indoors. An easy recommendation. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga | YouTube
Your kids will enjoy a great yoga practice with their favourite characters and stories.

Disney Character Drawings | YouTube
Learn how to draw their some of their favourite cartoons. Gain valuable art skills while having a bit of fun!

Classroom Magazine | Scholastic
Scholastic's Classroom Magazine has reading journeys for kids Kindergarten to Grade 9 with lots on interaction for the kids. Upbeat and engaging, these resources are available for free while schools are closed.

Junior NBA |
Lastly, the Junior NBA has put a library of skills and drills (check out the menu) for kids age 5 to 14 years old to try at home. Can’t forget gym time!

I hope this helps. If you have any suggestions for our ORC community to utilize for their families please email me and I am happy to share.

Stay healthy and be happy, one day at a time!

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Nicole Crewe