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Getting Beach Body Ready


Are you beach body ready? What does that even mean? Do you look like a swim suit model? Are you ripped? I don't know about you, but to me "beach body ready" means simply being confident in my bathing suit in front of other people.

Man and women running on tropical beach at sunset .jpegHere are some tips to help you get there:

Workout - I know it's no secret. You need to get in the gym to lift some weights and sweat. Having a strength routine will get your muscle tight and strong and your body "jiggles" a little less. Workout 5 or 6 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at a high intensity. Your body will thank you!

Eat Health(ier) - You can have great muscle from working out, but if a pesky layer of fat sits on top of the great muscle, no one will ever see it. Write down what you eat for one week (everything - no cheating). Then, make four healthy changes to your diet. Make a six week commitment. Your beach body will show through, but only with consistency and commitment.

Stress Less - Yep! This one is not so easy. You need to sleep well and stress less to allow your body to heal from your workouts and process your foods in a healthy way. Go to bed at a decent time, read a book, have less screen time and maybe... just maybe... meditate for 2 minutes a day. Your body will function right and the beach body will show through. Take six weeks to commit.

Bathing Suit Shopping - Why would you expect to be confident and look great in a bikini you bought before having kids? Take the time and go to a bathing suit shop with sales associates who can help with your body type and the right fit. My top is an extra small and my bottom is a medium; how do I make that fit into the standard bathing suit? You don't! A great store will fit the bathing suit to you.

Commitment - This is the biggest secret. Commit to your own beach body plan with tips from this blog and consider talking to a professional (personal trainer and nutrition). Stick to your plan diligently for six weeks. Your body will thank you with results you will both see and feel.

This is the perfect time of year to devise your beach body plan! You will be ready for the beach (or at least tank tops and shorts) in a mere six week. Hey, you never know, all that healthy eating and exercising might even turn into a healthy lifestyle! Have fun at the beach!

Nicole Crewe