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Four Fun Summer Activities for Kids & Families


Summer in Canada is amazing! We get to enjoy the seasons and really take in the grandeur of our beautiful country.

That being said, how to you keep the kids entertained, educated and safe this summer? It all depends on age but I believe we can all be a little young at heart.  Here are a few ideas on how to truly enjoy your summer and family time.


Happy family on sunset in nature.jpeg


City Pass

This is a great way to see our wonderful city and have a great "staycation" with the family. It comprises of all sorts of summer activities for kids. Admission Includes:

  • CN tower
  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Ontario museum
  • Ripleys aquarium
  • Toronto zoo or Ontario science centre

Take a week and see the sights. Your family will love the entertainment and learning. Treat it like a vacation. No electronics and no stress. Check it out here!


Camping at Home

Spend the whole day enjoying the great outdoors. Not sure what to do? We have a few ideas:

  • Play sports
  • Cook outside
  • Play games
  • Watch a movie outside
  • Enjoy s'mores
  • Stargaze with a telescope
  • Play with the sprinkler
  • Walk or bike to a local forest/park and explore
  • Go on a forest hike

The family will enjoy the relaxation and getting back to basics. Nothing says Canadian summer like camping


Theme Days

Why not have a Star Wars day? Or an Olympic day? Or a space adventure day? Everything you do is themed to the day to really immerse your family in the fun. For example:

Star Wars Day

  • Dress up or wear Star Wars shirts
  • Watch a movie
  • Eat themed food
  • Play Star Wars games
  • Draw or colour favourite characters
  • Have a lightsaber battle in the dark (if your lightsabers light up)
  • Make your own lightsaber with pool noodles
  • Write your own Star Wars story
  • Build and decorate a pod racer out of a large box

This works with more than just your favourite movie. Pick an era, a book, a song - really anything you can think of could be a theme!


Yes Day

This is a fun one! Everyone in your family gets to ask to do something and everyone has to say yes (as long as the activity will not hurt anyone or cost too much money).

For example: your little one asks to build a huge fort with all the pillows in the house... You all say YES and participate in the fun.

Or dad wants to have a BBQ for every meal that day... You all say YES!


Remember to Plan Ahead

We are offering parents a fun, printable, family-friendly calendar to post on your fridge or family bulletin board. Use it to let everyone in the household when all your fun activities are scheduled. Look for a link below!

Download our Free Summer Family Calendar

These are just a few of many ways to take in the summer days and reconnect with your family. Sometimes life needs to slow down and enjoy what you have with the wonderful people in your life.

If you have any summer family fun ideas I would love to hear from you. Please post them below!

Nicole Crewe