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Back to School Meal Planning


The Ex is starting this weekend, which is always a bitter-sweet time of transition. We try to hang on to the last days of summer, while also starting to think about getting into the back-to-school routine.

And with the carefree days of summer still here, I’m sure meal planning is far from your mind.

I suggest taking some time now to get a plan together for September. Do you remember how busy life gets when school and extra-curricular activities start up again? We may have good intentions for balanced family meals and homemade school snacks, but then the busyness hits and you may find yourself instead grabbing whatever you can find. 

What I find helps with meal planning is setting a weekly schedule with a ‘theme’ each night. 

btsmp - 01

For a vegetarian family, the week might look like this. 

btsmp - 02

Themes can also be something along the lines of pasta, pizza or taco night. 

For each night, have on hand recipes that the family enjoys. So for chicken night, we choose either chicken coated in our homemade breadcrumb recipe, chicken meatballs (with pasta or in a soup), sweet and sour chicken stir fry, or homemade chicken burgers.  

When we get bored we change up the recipes! 

So have a family meeting now and decide what meals will be on your table in September!  Check back next week, where I’ll share some tips to help planning school snacks.

Family cooking together in the kitchen and looking happy

Christine Hanlan
Christine is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and is ORC's Health & Wellness Ambassador.